It always takes one to three hours for travelers to get to Lhamo La-tso from Lhasa. Your car can only be driven at the parking lot at a certain high altitude about 5000 meters. After parking the car, you have to ascend to a little hill about 350 meters high, as a specific observation point. Never belittle of the 350 meters high based on th pace at an altitude of 5000m. Actually, it is very hard for normal travelers to take a small step due to the lower oxygen content. The road condition is very poor, and this narrow and slippy road was shaped by the weathering of mountains. Besides that, the angle of the slope is about sixty or seventy. Therefore, it is a great challenge for travelers to conquer this tough road with the influence of high altitude sickness. Please be careful as it's a possibility that you may fall from the mountain. Usually travelers take 30mins to 1 hour to get on the top of the hill.

Although the holy Lhamo La-tso is thought highly of by Tibetan Buddhists, especially for those who are looking for the reincarnation of the Living Buddha. But due to the high altitude, remote location, inconvenient transportation, etc, Lhamo La-tso keeps a mysterious veil to the public. Only fewer travelers reach to this holy site.