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Version 1.5 items have been added

Hi everyone,

The items from version 1.5 of New Horizons have been added and are available to trade on the marketplace.

Here's a list of the new items:

Animal Nose
Flashy Animal Boots
Flashy Animal Costume
Flashy Pointy-ear Animal Hat
Flashy Round-ear Animal Hat
Green Pumpkin
Horizontal-striped Tights
Impish Horns
Impish Wings
Jack's Face
Jack's Portrait
Jack's Robe
Large Green Pumpkin Sprout
Large Orange Pumpkin Sprout
Large White Pumpkin Sprout
Large Yellow Pumpkin Sprout
Mage's Boots
Mage's Dress
Mage's Striped Hat
Magic-academy Hood
Magic-academy Robe
Medium Green Pumpkin Sprout
Medium Orange Pumpkin Sprout
Medium White Pumpkin Sprout
Medium Yellow Pumpkin Sprout
Orange Pumpkin
Pumpkin Start
Raggedy Outfit
Ripe Green Pumpkin Plant
Ripe Orange Pumpkin Plant
Ripe White Pumpkin Plant
Ripe Yellow Pumpkin Plant
Small Green Pumpkin Sprout
Small Orange Pumpkin Sprout
Small White Pumpkin Sprout
Small Yellow Pumpkin Sprout
Spooky Arch
Spooky Arch (recipe)
Spooky Candy Set
Spooky Candy Set (recipe)
Spooky Carriage
Spooky Carriage (recipe)
Spooky Chair
Spooky Chair (recipe)
Spooky Fence
Spooky Fence (recipe)
Spooky Flooring
Spooky Garland
Spooky Garland (recipe)
Spooky Lantern
Spooky Lantern (recipe)
Spooky Lantern Set
Spooky Lantern Set (recipe)
Spooky Rug
Spooky Scarecrow
Spooky Scarecrow (recipe)
Spooky Standing Lamp
Spooky Standing Lamp (recipe)
Spooky Table
Spooky Table (recipe)
Spooky Table Setting
Spooky Table Setting (recipe)
Spooky Tower
Spooky Tower (recipe)
Spooky Wall
Spooky Wand
Spooky Wand (recipe)
White Pumpkin
Yellow Pumpkin

Happy Halloween! 🎃

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The Spooky Wall

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