Hi everyone,

The items from version 1.4 of New Horizons have been added and are available to trade on the marketplace.

Here's a list of the new items:

Blue Balloon
Blue Sparkler
Bubble Blower
Bulb Bopper
Dream Bell Exchange Ticket
Fireworks-show Wall
Flower Bopper
Fountain Firework
Grape-harvest Basket
Green Balloon
Heart Bopper
Hikoboshi Outfit
King Tut Mask
King Tut Mask (Recipe)
Luna's Bed
Moon Rug
Nook Inc. Handheld Pennant
Orihime Outfit
Pink Balloon
Red Balloon
Red Sparkler
Rodeo-style Springy Ride-on
Star Bopper
Uchiwa Fan
Used Fountain Firework
Yellow Balloon