Been trying my hand at the marketplace, and the greatest hinderance so far has been communication with buyer/seller about best time. I spent several hours waiting to hear from some people, only to make some food, come back, and see the other user entered chat, said nothing, and left. Was trying to think of solutions to this frustrating scenario.

1) Add some sound when a user enters chat/types soemthing or maybe upon general activity. I will see the little red notification on the bell when a deal is accepted, but if my tab is not opened to the site I won't be able to tell until I swap back. A sound notification would fix this.

2) Create some chart that allows users to enter the times they will be most active, so if I make an offer with someone on other side of the world I can have a better chance to find a time we both are online. A great version of this would be able to auto translate from our stated time zones->set time zone, then-> our stated time zones with areas of overlapping times of activity highlighted. Know that is asking a lot but just an idea.