Sherb’s Birthday - All the Fruits!!!

Sherb the second most popular villiger's birthday is coming up on January 18th! But, Sherb is one of my favorite villagers so I just couldn't wait to throw him a birthday party! We will do the same thing on the actual 18th.

Right now, our Dodo Code is 3VQHS!

We will have all the fruits at our island, so feel free to come grab them all! Because we want Sherb to have the best birthday possible, the only prices is to bring Sherb a gift. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be fancy! It could be weeds, a rock, or a bug friend! I hope your able to all come and be Sherb’s snack buddies! 

What will happen - Who ever comes get a complementary gift bag, all the fruit you could ever need, and a chance to meet the lazyest goat Sherb!