It's the perfect time to RuneScape gold rebalance items that are not well represented in the current game. This could include giving more value to 2h equipment during melee or ranged combat, changing the structure of 'weakening" spells, and rethinking the items we believe to be too powerful.

Each piece of gear will be able to make decisions based on its stats, NPC weaknesses, abilities and other characteristics. As I've mentioned, it is very difficult to add higher level equipment due to the DPS and healing relationship. So we are rebalancing the entire system and giving players the chance to have more life points through wearing more armor. This will allow us to offer more equipment that is better suited for our top players (those who are 90+ and have combat-related skills).

What happens to my item's price? Changes can cause unpredictable consequences, just like many other things. It is risky to make predictions or speculate on how items will alter in value. The beta game is in development and may alter at any time. We'll be changing effects, special abilities, and stats throughout the beta. Items in the live game are likely to change dramatically.

In my last blog, I'll discuss how we're changing the balance of the triangle of combat; the new gear we're introducing (including something truly amazing that we've kept as an unintentional surprise) Combat levels and pures; and the new relationship between armour, food life points, and Constitution. We appreciate your reading.

Varrock provides culture (the Museum) and shopping ("The Grand Exchange"). The slums are all there once you get off the main street. Nyet. Lumbridge seems pleasant, aside from the goblin camp close to. Lumby is believed to be infested with goblins. But, it appears that they are quite content with OSRS buy gold their lives as long as you don't engage in a fight.