The latest iteration of the popular game Madden 22 was released last month. A new NFL season means many eyes will be firmly on rookies ahead of their first season in the big-time. So, many supporters will be invested in building their own franchise on Madden 22. But who are the top young player's fans that should be looking to sign in the virtual world? Now, let have a look.

1. Kyle Pitts, Atlanta Falcons – 81

Atlanta Falcons star Kyle Pitts is one of the best-rated rookies in Madden 22 and has the potential to be a real powerhouse. With 91 speed, 92 acceleration and 71 strength, Pitts is a match-up nightmare. Pitts is more than just a safety net for the quarterback. He will make big-time plays and develop as fast as anyone in the game. If you have a late-round pick, consider him.

2. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars – 78

Lawrence is rated 78 overall. No surprise here, as Trevor Lawrence is the highest-rated rookie quarterback in Madden 22. He's got 84 speed, 88 accuracy, 86 agility and 80 awareness. The 21-year-old has a 91 Throw Power to pair with his 88 Acceleration, while he also has the highest score in short and mid-range throw accuracy. So he's considered a generational quarterback talent.

3. Jaylen Waddle, Miami Dolphins – 76

Waddle is the fastest rookie receiver in league with a blistering 97 in both speed and agility alongside a 95 acceleration rating. The deep threat archetype also has value as a kick returner with an 85 score and his 90 jumping means he can perform stunning catches. In Madden 22, use Jaylen Waddle is going to feel like a video game truly. Because every time he touches the football, something explosive could happen.

4. Patrick Surtain II, Denver Broncos – 76

Son of former NFL Pro Bowl corner Patrick Surtain, Alabama pass out is now looking to make his mark on the league. The 21-year-old is the best overall rookie cornerback in Madden 22 and tied as the third-highest-rated young player in the game. He has been rewarded with 91 Speed, 90 Acceleration, and 92 Jumping ratings. Surtain has all the traits of a future shutdown corner in the NFL.

5. Najee Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers – 76

Harris is rated a 76 in Madden 22, which is the highest running backs in the game among rookie running backs with the Jacksonville Jaguars' Travis Etienne. He is also the eleventh-highest-rated running back in the game overall. He's a power-back archetype with an 81 Strength rating, but he shines with his 94 Jumping and 95 Stamina scores. Harris' should rise quickly as the season progresses.

So that's it for the best rookies to trade for in franchise mode! They showcased elite abilities and intangibles, which guaranteed them a special benefit on their virtual counterparts.

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