Hey guys (i just found this site and ive been on the hunt for some designs but im not sure how this works but im gonna try it out!) ! i'm looking for a bloody human transmutation circle with a stone background that matches the basement flooring diy also a white button up shirt, blue jeans and some blood puddles/trails. the circle should be about 4 squares (doesn't need to be accurate but close enough), the clothing should be 2 squares (one for the shirt and one for the jeans), one plain stone square and one bloody stone square (make sure the blood covers most of the tile) also i need a line trail of blood. i have 11 squares to work with so lets try to keep that limit :) i also have a few stacks of gold as compensation! if you would like some valid proof check out my nookazon account under the same username, i currently have 34 5-star reviews.