Greetings, my new friends.  My name is Jared, but you can also call me Uncle JJ.  I came here because I decided this was a better place than Nookazon.  Here are the things about me:

What I Like:

First off, I like Animal Crossing.  A lot.  I used to be a big Mario fan, but upon discovering New Horizons, I immediately became a huge fan.  I also love Punchy, and I like to eat comfort food.  I like to use technology, listen to Mr. Oizo, and I like cats.  And Punchy.  I like the asdfmovies, Vocaloids, indie games, and fluffy stuff.  Did I also mention that I love Punchy?

My Goals

I want to be a video game developer.  Not just any video game developer, but one who makes all of the assets in the game.  I also want to be a full-fledged artist in both visual and audio zones, including animating.  I even want to be an excellent YouTuber, too.


Anyways, that's all from me.  Feel free to ask more stuff about myself.