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Howdy. :3

Greetings, my new friends.  My name is Jared, but you can also call me Uncle JJ.  I came here because I decided this was a better place than Nookazon.  Here are the things about me:

What I Like:

First off, I like Animal Crossing.  A lot.  I used to be a big Mario fan, but upon discovering New Horizons, I immediately became a huge fan.  I also love Punchy, and I like to eat comfort food.  I like to use technology, listen to Mr. Oizo, and I like cats.  And Punchy.  I like the asdfmovies, Vocaloids, indie games, and fluffy stuff.  Did I also mention that I love Punchy?

My Goals

I want to be a video game developer.  Not just any video game developer, but one who makes all of the assets in the game.  I also want to be a full-fledged artist in both visual and audio zones, including animating.  I even want to be an excellent YouTuber, too.


Anyways, that's all from me.  Feel free to ask more stuff about myself.

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Video games are a way for us to entertain and relieve stress. I tried to play stumble guys and it was very interesting


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The plot of the game is extremely simple, users just need to touch the screen to control the bird to overcome the obstacles. Flappy Bird  However, when you step into the game, you will feel that it is "unreasonably difficult" and just like that you are absorbed in the game, you frantically plow the country in inhibitions and anger...

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