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Direct Messaging (DMs)

Something that's been on my mind for awhile. 

While forums are quite handy dandy from time to time again, there are times where the forums cannot be used to contact someone. These times are like discussions of wishlist items, general one-on-one talking, and so on. 
So.. what if there was a DM option?

You could DM users and discuss with them privately in your own little chatroom with them without having it be trade oriented. This could be useful when giving someone a private Dodo Code to visit your island after they discussed something needed in the forums, as you may not want strangers coming into your island and messing things up.

You could also just generally talk with people privately without having to worry about forum things. While forum rules (as well as general common sense) would still apply to these chat rooms, they can talk freely without having to fear about someone butting into the conversation. 

This could also be something that exists right now, and I just don't know it yet because I have the brain the size of a small cabbage, but who knows?

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I agree with you, and also made a post similar to this one. Also, the description of your brain got me laughing


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