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02/25/22 4 1

Apollo Pixel Art!

I did some pixel art of the bald eagle i hav a addiction to: Apollo!

Left: English version; Right: Japanese version

Apollo Apollo (JPN)

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5 months ago
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10/27/21 7 0

That's so cute! Have you thought about creating virtual art and selling it? I'm talking about nfts, and I know that the idea with pixel art is really popular there. You can check the top nft collections on TopNFTCollections.com and see if you want to develop your skills in that field or not, but since nfts have a bright future, I think it's worth trying because it's possible to make a living that way.

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4 months ago
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10/05/21 6 0

By the way, maybe you really should think about doing nft. It seems to me that you will succeed in this.

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3 months ago
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12/27/21 3 0

The probability that using NFT platforms will give you a profit is very high if you already have experience. For example, my brother could not start his own crypto business for a long time because he needed finance and motivation for a startup. Thanks to the information on the website https://bhero.com/launchpad he was able to get everything he needed to develop his project.

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2 months ago
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Nintendo recently manufacture new emulators software that comes in different modes. This software work on https://uk.bestessays.com/ and it support 3d modules they build this to provide all possible solutions to emulator software.

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