5 star island, best vacation destination!





Ananas is a place of endless vacation. Here only #whiteflowers chose to grow and white is the dominant color of the landscape. The heart of the island is symmetrical and you can experience all the fun of the island while shopping, stopping by the central #café or the cute #dessertshop, picking up a plant at the corner plant stall or enjoying a relaxing book in the quiet #bookclub space. Over the river the residential #neighborhood is the place to meet some friends. If you want your day to be special you can enjoy a day at the #pool, a stroll in the #orchard, or a special event in the wedding venue. If you're here for just a quick visit be sure to stop by the #beach , pick up a #surfboard, take a break at one of the two #beachside cafés on the rocks, or just enjoy a quick tour with a rental bike or scooter available near the waterfalls. This time of year the island is in full Halloween spirit! Enjoy! #ananas #5star #fivestar #summer #halloween