Okami Isle

Fairycore themed island ✨



Okami Isle


My island is fairycore/cottagecore themed! I put 670+ hours into it and allot of hard work (I hope it shows😊). I have 3 houses which are all fully decorated! ~My main house (stone one on the second level) is kinda Japanese themed (Don't forget to look in the backroom!) ~Then you have a diner inspired home :) ~ The blue one is cottage themed I have all my dreamies: Pietro, Judy, Coco, Dom, Gayle, Raymond, Marshal, Molly, Sherb and Judy 💕 Plus I have all of the photo's :D Also there's a little shrine for 4 of my villagers which I loved but I said goodbye to. .. My museum is also almost complete only need 6 more bugs and 6 sea critters :( So definitely take a look in there if your interested! :D Hope you enjoy your visit! And let me know what you thought of it if you want 😊 ~Discord: AG4401#9835 ~Insta: floor.0492

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