Fairycore / Cottagecore island





This beautiful village is situated within the blooming Charvee forest where local residents enjoy a calm, relaxing life, high in the hills where they can reach for the stars. The residents have a number of dedicated areas that you won’t just stumble into for them to be creative, relax or let their hair down. be sure to ask around if you want the insider knowledge and want to see the true hidden gems of Charvee. The space agency NOSA also has a base here, don’t miss visiting their dedicated historical display to commemorate the moon landing program that was launched from this very town! You can also spot their Saturn Vee 5 rocket that is being prepared for launch with satellite technology. Rumour has it though the house on the hill near the museum is haunted. The locals say if you find yourself there enter at your own risk.

L Luvosian