Ildün Isle

The Island of Trees



Ildün Isle


A reupload of my island. Now with updated screenshots, a new player character, some new villagers, and less grammatical errors in the description. The primary focus of this island is scenery, and bearing resemblance to what you'd expect from an older Animal Crossing game. All decorations are meant to be practical, so you won't see much here in the way of an outdoor café or random moon where it doesn't belong. What you WILL see mostly involves benches you can sit on, beach chairs and towels you can lie on, and various lighting sources. I'm personally not the biggest fan of the island locale, so I designed my island in a way that mostly lets me forget about it. A perpetual WIP. Features decorations for the given season or holiday. #Cherry #Ankha #Bones #Trees #Waterfalls #Natural #Traditional