Big Meaty

The Big Meaty Retirement Resort For Cranky Villagers



Big Meaty


Come visit the 5-star Big Meaty Retirement Resort. DA-5250-6526-5950 I'm the lone bachelorette caretaker tending to an entire island of crankies, as they live out the remainder of their golden years in the lap of luxury (or until they run out of money, whichever comes first). Take a gander at my private estate (which I totally didn't pay for by draining their retirement accounts). Explore a vibrant downtown complete with a bistro, arcade, and soccer field. Let loose on the party beach with a live concert stage and beach volleyball. Take a stroll through the Park Isles in the heart of the Big Meaty River. Enter the enchanted orchard if you dare. It's teeming with vampires. Head up the mountain to relax at the sunset lounge, zen garden, and campground. There's much to see here at Big Meaty. We pack a lot into a tight space. Over 850+ hours of work. Hope you enjoy!