An island that evolves depending on the villagers!





Cosmos, an island that evolves depending on the villagers! Each villager has a little garden area around their house decorated to their personality and aesthetic. Discover Kid Cat's outdoor gym, Filbert's forest filled with insects or Tia's café-library... among many other areas! Cosmos also has specific themed areas such as: - a growing Halloween-themed area, above which you'll find the mysterious Clair de Lune hotel waiting for you to spend the night - Alice's Wonderland house, located on a hill at the end of a small labyrinth, where she lives with the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the chilling Queen of Hearts - a fishing area, near a flowery garden where you can rest among nature - a theme park, with its own resting area and haunted house - and so much more!

a anendlessfire