Kingdom Hearts theme, with nature/woodsy elements as well.





Welcome to #DestinyIsland <3 Featuring my take on Twilight Town which is my island's entrance. There's an area with the Old mansion, clock tower (WIP atm), Sora's dive to the heart with a darkness & light area that's fully complete. Other areas include the secret place (cave with Sora and Kairi's drawings), the river (which I've redone so many times but I'm finally happy with!) shaped as the KH logo. There are some non-themed areas as well for those who aren't fans of KH or have never played! Such as: Cul-de-sac type villager area (about 90% of their yards are decorated), a garden/artsy area and lots more! *Currently working on interior design for the old mansion, the cafe on the beach and for my house! Another big WIP area is the clock tower behind my RS so please don't mind those WIP's for now :) Thank you for visiting!

C Chrystina