Inspired by European market towns, with a mixture of themes throughout





Tropico has whole host of little areas to discover. Tropico is a car-free island and there are bike lanes throughout. You'll be greeted by an information kiosk and checking in desk, which takes you straight to the plaza and shopping district. On the Southern beach below the plaza, you'll find a Miami nights pool area and nightclub. North of resident services is the museum entrance and stargazing garden. Go Northwards again and find yourself in the tranquil zen garden and spa. To the South East of the island, there is a large pier/boardwalk and public beach. Heading towards North East is the campsite and fishing ponds, plus a cute little wedding area nestled in the corner. To the West of the island, there are Europeon inspired flower fields. Heading towards the Northern West top corner, you'll find a diving area and small public beach. Head back towards the South East of the island to find a beachy dig site. I hope you enjoy your dream! :) #european #lavander #tropical

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