Sea Garden

An eagle and ostrich paradise with mixed themes that flow together.



Sea Garden


Hi! Welcome to your dream getaway, thank you for dreaming of Sea Garden. The island is a tropical eagle and ostrich paradise called Sea Garden, you will be visiting mid summer so bring your summer attire and lots of sunscreen for an evening on the island. The time is set to about 6PM so right about sunset time. The island has 5 stars and is fully decorated with 2 also fully decorated houses. The basements of the houses are supposed to be CJs and Flicks rooms for when they visit. Each villager has their own bit of space decorated to thier individual taste. You can find places such as a library, magical forest, coffe shop, plant shop, ice-cream shop, zen garden, redds treasure hideout, pottery studio, smoothie bar and more! I have spent around 700h of work on this dream of an island. Can you count all the butterflys? Please check the noticeboard for information and artwork there once you arrive!