Santa Cruz

Flower filled, variously inspired island. Check each building. WIP



Santa Cruz


Took cluttered approach to decorating, as such ran out of room and started moving what are usually outdoor facilities I see on other islands into houses of residents. Touhou played major inspiration, please visit the Scarlet Mansion in the upper right corner. The Magic Library and Flandre's room are both near completion. The Hakurei Shrine greets you at the airport, with Pekoe (usually) wearing a shrine maiden's outfit. A gym, opera house, and fish restaurant are all WIP. Klaus, Hopper, Merengue, and Genji all have German, Russian, Japanese, and French respective national themed areas of their houses, although some are further in production than others. Regions of map are permanently themed to seasons, regardless of actual season in game. Spring and Winter areas have most work done. Hope some of y'all can use the designs I have created or posted here.