Natural island with cottage-core vibes!





Hello, Welcome to Bolloland! This is a cute island with a lot of things going on! Like most islands, Bolloland is in constant change. I would describe it as "kind of cottage-core style but not really cottage-core". We have a reading spot, a little greenhouse and farm, an orchard, the shopping area, a cute artisan marketplace, the residential area, a cute romantic restaurant in the woods, the shell beach, the gay beach...well, some different cute areas, even a cinema! I am currently working on the second house of the island, which is going to be a beach hotel! All the outdoors hotel area is done, but I still have a lot of work to do inside the house! Bolloland is super LGTBQ+ friendly, our flag is the lesbian pride flag, and if you reach to the bulletin board you can find some extra info of the island’s name! I would love to see pictures and hear about your opinions. You can find me on Tumblr as skarti-acnh! (Or insta if you check the bulletin board!)